About Us

Hi! My name is Jessica Metts,

Owner of Richardson Lymphatics and Rockwall Lymphatics.

I am a mom and natural health junkie. I started this journey of Full Body Detoxes because of my own personal experience with Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy. Y'all It changed my life! I know it can change yours too!

Several years ago I had chronic migraines, they were debilitating. Y'all I tried EVERYTHING. From pills to massage to acupuncture to chiropractors to even BOTOX! NOTHING helped! I felt like my life was doomed. I had kids and there were days I felt like I couldn't get out of bed!

Until I found Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy! Y'all When I say it changed my life, I am not lying!

I bought the machine and got certified and realized how many people this machine could help! I started with helping a few friends and family members for all different ailments and the response was AMAZING!! Soon I realized that if I wanted to help more people that I was going to have to find a space!

The results speak for themselves!

From people with teeth pain, edema, migraines, digestive issues, allergies...the list goes on and on!

Now I find myself inside the beautiful Living Springs Natural Health in Rockwall and Cornerstone Pilates in Richardson. I also offer Mobile sessions to my Rockwall, TX clients upon request!

Got Questions?

We have answers! I will be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have, just call, email or send me message!